Precast Concrete Wall Uses

PC Walls can provide extra value to new projects where noise walls are required by working with the civil designers and landscape architects to develop a cost effective solution.

We can provide a turnkey solution to the wall construction. We design, supply and install the wall to meet the needs of the client from a look and budget point of view.

We liaise at all times with the civil and landscape designers to ensure all needs are addressed. The final design is provided to the client for approval prior to the start of construction.

Walls can be constructed up to 4.8m high (no retaining) and coloured to complement the project surroundings. Retaining can be incorporated as required using the precast patterned wall, this provides a seamless view of the wall from the front.

Precast elements (including footings) are cast offsite, this minimises site disruption to other trades. Wall installation is quick, up to 100m a week can be installed (wall height up to 3m). This can mean earlier completion of a project and earlier release of lots for sale.