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Modular Walls

Patterned Concrete Walls are a trade partner of ModularWalls and install their great products.

AcoustiMax® – The core of modern acoustic attenuation
The proprietary AcoustiMax panel is our core modular wall panel, combining aesthetic versatility and unparalleled value.

EnduroMax® – The future of infrastructure noise barriers
The EnduroMax is our highly impact-resistant, low carbon modular noise wall panel specifically designed for the extreme conditions associated with road, rail and civil infrastructure environments.

AcoustiSorb® – When the technology exists, use it
Harnessing revolutionary composite technology, the AcoustiSorb is our high-performance noise absorption wall panel, custom-designed to meet the modern world’s toughest acoustic pollution challenges.

TerraFirm® – Retaining reinvented
TerraFirm is a low carbon, modular retaining panel combining strength with smooth, sophisticated aesthetics, offering the unique ability to seamlessly integrate retaining within acoustic barriers and boundary solutions. Zero setbacks, zero wastage.

ModularWalls provide a range of stylish boundary wall and fencing solutions. SlimWall is their premium fencing solution, TrendWall is the highest performing whilst VogueWall and EstateWall offer the perfect masonry alternatives. Panel thicknesses are:

(a)  SlimWall: 50mm
(b)  TrendWall: 75mm
(c)  VogueWall: 75mm
(d)  EstateWall: 75mm


CSR Hebel Panels

Patterned Concrete Walls can supply and install Hebel panels.

A cost-effective acoustic barrier system, SoundBarrier is an alternative to precast concrete that is 30% cheaper, whilst also reducing crane sizes, traffic blockages and maximises truck utilisation.

The panels in the SoundBarrier system contain caged steel reinforcement for added strength with an anti-corrosion layer on the steel for maximum durability. These panels are non-combustible and are placed horizontally between or against galvanised steel columns in concrete pier foundations and held in place by galvanised steel angles or plates.

Offering design freedom and flexibility, Soundbarrier panels can be factory routed providing an attractive urban landscape, making it a smart choice for your next acoustic barrier.