About Patterned Concrete Walls (PC Walls Pty Ltd)

Patterned Concrete Walls is an exclusive licensee in Australia for manufacturing a concrete wall system developed by Verti-Crete. The proprietary method of vertically casting the wall panels and piers allows the creation of a double-sided moulded pattern that, when erected and painted, provides a stunning wall with the beauty of architectural stone, which will always stand out from the rest.

To install the wall close to the property boundary, the precast concrete pier can be replaced with a steel universal column to act as a post for the wall. This will be engineered correctly to provide a certified design for the works.

Applications for these walls can include uniform fencing to land developments, acoustic walls to provide noise reduction to properties, power substation boundary fencing, residential privacy fences, and retaining walls. The system's flexibility will allow a mixture of tubular steel fencing and wall panels to be used between piers.

The unique finish to a Patterned Concrete Wall will quickly grab the attention of developers, owners and designers. Comparing our completed wall to a wall constructed with plain concrete, blocks or bricks will highlight the added value this wall will bring to any application.

Further advantages are gained by the speed of installation, much faster than other forms of solid fencing. The completed “rough” surface makes the wall an unattractive option for graffiti attacks.